What is a Shop-Fitting Configurator?

Create your own shop shelves online. Combine various shelves yourself or choose from existing configurations. Customize them in layout and color and get a material list including prices and weights within seconds.

What is a configurator?

A configurator is a tool which allows the user to create their own systems. It helps to acclerate the sales process and saves the full potential of your Know-How. 


Shop-Fitting Configurator | Quick overview


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The configuration happens in real time 3D. This means you can view your configuration from all perspectives instantly. You can also choose a 2D or an Isometric View in your Display Options.

Material List

A detailed material list can be called up at any time within the creation process. You can see every item and every customization as well as item numbers and prices at once.

Multiple Languages

The Shelf Configurator is available in multiple languages. Special attention has been paid to the translation of the user interface and the correct translation of the item information in the configurator.

System Independent

Thanks to the use of Unity as 3D-Engine the Shelf Configurator works on various terminal devices. Whether you have a web application, a stand alone app based on WINDOWS or MAC, a Smartphone or as a Tablet app - it works.

No Plugins

The shelf configurator is programmed with HTML5. This means you can use it in any browser without installing any further plugins.


Create new extension shelves or configurate a complete new object with only click by using the project configuration.

Change Language

Online Presentation

Call us under +41 32 520 88 33 and we show you all Details of our configurator software.


The Shelf Configurator

Start your individual configuration now and create your very own shelf configuration within seconds.

Become a Partner

Would you like to become a partner and control your very own shelf configurator? Your clients will have the opportunity to create their shelves individually. This will strengthen your sales and leads to a competitive advantage.

You want to plan a new Shop?

Visual-STORE is the all-in-one CAD system for visualization for the shop fitting industry. Its operation system is easy and the extensive database makes  the planning fast and efficient.

Our planning system offers a fast and efficient planning as well as best presentation possibilities to  convince your customer.


  • Photorealistic Rendering
  • Extensive Data Base
  • Detailed Material List


  • Fast Configuration
  • Detailed Definition of Space
  • Instant Generation of Quotes