The 3D Store Shelf Configurator

The Shelf Configurator allows you to create shelf systems of various producers. The simple handling  and a detailed material list enable a smooth operation.



Become a Partner

Would like to become a partner and control your very own shelf configurator? Your clients will have the opportunity to create their shelves individually. This will strengthen your sales and lead to a competitive advantage.

Partner Concept


  •  Full Access to all Functions of the Shelf Configurator
  •  Shelf Configurator with Individual Link
  •  Company Name & Logo Integration
  •  Automatic Delivery of Emails & Requests
  • 400 Inquiries per Year included
  •  Incl. „pow. by Axcion“ Watermark

Included Services: 

  • Configurator Hosting
  • Continious  Expansions & Updates 
  • Recommendations concerning New Items 
  • Support via EMail and Phone 


  • Full Access to All Functions of the Shelf Configurator
  • Shelf Configurator with Individual Link
  • Company Name & Logo Integration
  • Colour Adaption to match the Configurator with your Cooperate Design
  • Automatic Delivery of all Incoming Mails & Requests
  • No "powered by Axcion“ Watermark
  • Unlimited Number of Inquiries
  • Access to Management of Customer Details
  • Overview of all Plannings & Material Lists incl. Editing
  • XML Material Lists (e.g. for Export to ERP or inventory management systems)
  • integration of your own prices
  • definition of individual discounts


The Shelf Configurator

Start your individual configuration now and create your very own shelf configuration within seconds.


Manufacturer Integration of your Item Numbers and Item descriptions
Online-Shop Integration of an Online-Shop
Individual Customization Customization according to Your Needs
Individual Hosting Configurator Hosting on your servers

Feature Overview

3D View

The configuration happens in real time 3D. This means you can view your configuration from all perspectives instantly. You can also choose a 2D or Isometric View in your Display Options.

Material List

A detailed material list can be called up at any time within the creation process. You can see every item and every customization as well as item numbers and prices.

Multiple Languages

The Shelf Configurator is available in multiple languages. Special attention has been paid to the translation of the user interface and the correct translation of all item information.

No Plugins

The shelf configurator is programmed with HTML5. This means you can use it in any browser without installing any further plugins.

Export to visual-STORE

Export any configurations now comfortably to visual-STORE and continue your work without any interruption. With the transfer graphic-data as well as commercial-data will be transferred.


Create new extension shelves or configurate a complete new object with only click by using the project configuration.